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The Delta Omicron Foundation, Inc., administers the philanthropies of Delta Omicron, as a separate corporation and is operated by a Board of Trustees.

All members of the Past National Officers Club of Delta Omicron not currently serving on the fraternity's Board of Directors are members of the foundation. This group elects the foundation trustees.

Delta Omicron Foundation, Inc.
Trustees and Officers 

  • Trustee/President, Jonny Ramsey,  Denton, TX

  • Trustee/Vice-President, Frances Collyer Gage, Philadelphia, PA

  • Trustee/Treasurer, Susan Tams, Winfield, WV

  • Trustee/Secretary, Michelle G. Worthing, Kent, OH

  • Trustee, Claire Kinnaird Keel, Talledega, AL

  • Trustee, Jennifer Klafeta, Prospect Heights, IL

  • Trustee, Ann Anthony Jones, Jefferson City, TN

  • President Emeritus, Kay Calfee Wideman, Griffin, GA

  • Trustee Emeritus, Phyllis Iseringhausen Conrad, Dayton, OH

  • Trustee Emeritus, Meredith Dugan-Schoenfeld, Appleton, WI

  • Trustee Emeritus, Judith G. Kirby, Frankfort, IL

  • Ex-Officio, Kimberly Martin-Boyd, International President of Delta Omicron Fraternity

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