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The Thor Johnson Memorial Commission

This triennial commission by the Delta Omicron Foundation honors the memory of Dr. Thor Johnson, National Patron of Delta Omicron.  
The premiere of  "Rites of Passage," composed by Dr. Nickitas Demos and performed by Dr. Kenneth Long, clarinets (bass, E-Flat, and B-Flat), and Dr. Laura Gordy, piano, took place Friday, July 27, 2012 at the Delta Omicron Triennial Conference in Lexington, Ky. At left, Dr. Jonny Ramsey, president of the Foundation, recognizes Demos and the performers.

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The string quartet "Passages," composed by David Sartor, was performed at the conference's Premiere Concert on Friday, July 17, 2009. Sartor received the Foundation's triennial Thor Johnson Memorial Commission. At right, Sartor posed with the members of the Atlantis String Quartet, who premiered the work. From left, violinist Xiaoqing Yu, cellist Jose R. Dubon Tovar, composer David Sartor, violist Alvoy Bryan Jr., and violinist Norman E. Bernal.
Read 2009 premiere program in PDF.  
The Delta Omicron Foundation, Inc. commissioned a new work, "Carmina Whitmania" by Marshall Onofrio, for its triennial Thor Johnson Memorial Commission in 2006. The work was premiered at the Delta Omicron Triennial Conference on July 29, 2006 in Bloomington, Illinois. Robert Hall was the baritone soloist, accompanied by saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone, horn, and percussion.   

On that same concert, the winner of the Delta Omicron Triennial Composition Competition, "Songs for Emmy" by Jay Anthony Gach, was premiered by Desiree Baxter, mezzo-soprano, and Kathy Vail, piano. The Foundation contributed toward the prize amount for the competition.

Both composers were present for the premieres and were installed as National Patrons of Delta Omicron.

Composers Jay Anthony Gach (above, left) and Marshall Onofrio had works premiered at the 2006 Delta Omicron conference in Bloomington, Illinois.  Below, the two are installed as National Patrons of  Delta Omicron. From left: Jonny Ramsey, president  of Delta Omicron; Onofrio; Kay Wideman, president  of the Delta Omicron Foundation, Gach, and Judith  Turner Eidson, chair of the Triennial Composition Competition.

Read 2006 premiere program in PDF.  

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